BtL’s Internet service delivers business grade 25MB internet service, 50MB internet service, and 100MB internet service.

Unlike ADSL this service is suited to large scale VoIP, SIP and other hosted services. BtL is focused on the business community with the network being designed and engineered from the ground up for business traffic.

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 BtL 100MB Internet Service FAQ's

BtL’s 100MB market-leading internet service offers unmatched speed, performance, and availability.  80% of our customers have already reported faster connection speeds, and over two thirds have experienced improved service performance compared to their previous service provider. We know that for your business, carrier  diversity, ultra-high availability and 100% throughput of the contracted bandwidth is a must have. If you order our 100MB Internet service by the end of April we will even throw in a free standard installation and BtL Internet Powerplus traffic management service.100MB Internet Service FAQ's

Q. Can I upgrade to a higher speed later?
A. Yes, you can upgrade quickly and easily to a higher internet speed later if you don’t opt for the full 100mb of Internet access from the start. That said gigabit services are available in some areas.

Q. How much bandwidth do I need for my SIP channels?
A. The amount of bandwidth you need for your SIP channels depends on the codec used by your phone system but 1mb will easily provide 12 concurrent quality voice channels at a fraction of the cost of ISDN.

Q. Can my phone system support SIP channels?
A. Most phone systems either natively support SIP or can be made to communicate with SIP with some modification.

Q. What is the lead time to installing this service?
A. The lead time is normally 60 days.

Q. I have more than 1 site - can I link them using this service?
A. Yes, using VPLS or VLANS to create private routes between sites that do not go over the public Internet.  This will also allow improved business continuity planning for IT and Voice services.

Q. Can BtL manage the migration from my ISDN30 lines to SIP?
A. Yes we can, we have extensive experience.

Can we keep our existing numbers?
A. Yes, of course

Q. I have heard about Fixed to Mobile convergence, will this help us take advantage of that?
A. Yes a high quality Ethernet service will ensure great voice quality and reliability.

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